Digital Discipleship Challenge


Reimagine the Internet

From birth to death, one common thread in the human experience these days is the internet.

Who can take the Challenge?

You can participate in the Digital Discipleship Challenge by yourself or with your church group.

(We think doing the challenge with a group is a fun way to do it!)

Join the Challenge

This challenge will help you begin to think about how to be a disciple in the digital age.

Imagine Discipleship

Living a life of discipleship is part of our DNA as Christians.

We focus on digital discipleship because the online space is such a huge part of our lives. And as important as the internet has become to us, it’s easy to forget to surrender it to God

We believe that something so impactful to our lives, the functioning of our organisations and the development of our children deserves critical thought.

Join the Challenge

Imagine discovering a way to make your digital discipleship journey real.

What happens in the challenge?

Each day, you will have a prompt that encourages you to explore an area of of digital discipleship and your relationship with God.

Some prompts support the growth of your personal spiritual relationship and others support your expression of creativity and your life story.

We'd love to welcome you as part of the challenge.

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